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Being Safe on the Job in Albuquerque, NM

Safety is always a top priority for C & C Demolition Services. It is extremely important for demolition work as the possibility for injury is high. That is why we have our own safety program that we have put in place to ensure that our workers are safe when onsite for your demolition job.

Covering All the Bases

There are many elements that go into an effective safety program:


We are fully insured in case an injury to one of our staff happens while on the jobsite. This is an important part of any safety program so our staff can rest easy that they will be looked after in case they get hurt and cannot work.

Following Guidelines

There are many organizations that provide support and guidelines for safety procedures of any workplace including demolition. The Occupation Safety and Health Adminstration (OSHA) is the Federal organization that provides and enforces these guidelines. C & C Demolition Services's safety program makes sure to follow these standards. That way your site is a safe environment while we are on the job.
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